Upon "importing" a breezingforms table into Xforms the sort order sucks..
I have several complex large form 100+ fields with multiple entries. Many of them are labled the same within diferent context such as name, gender etc. These fields are not disdinguishable when seen in Xforms.

Manual sort is a PITA and not an option.

I've reported this looong time ago to the "professional" support, to no avail, my subscription is about to end and i'm not sure what i will do.. I've invested a lot in these forms but face problems time and again. Which are not (adequately) handled.. ( = open invitation to the author )

Anyhows a manual "fix" for those that for those with some sql knowledge

  1. UPDATE #__xformsdr_elements
  2. INNER JOIN #__facileforms_elements
  3. ON #__facileforms_elements.id = qhive_xformsdr_elements.reference_id
  4. SET #__xformsdr_elements.ordering = qhive_facileforms_elements.ordering
  5. WHERE NOT #__facileforms_elements.ordering like 0 AND form like 1


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